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Pink Endo File Inserts

Pink Endo File Inserts

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This Pink Endo Foam Insert is an economical way to store files. There is enough space on the insert for several broaches or files. They are disposable and firmer than our white inserts. These inserts have cell structures that are stronger and closer packed to make them firmer and denser than our white ones.

Our Pink Endo File Inserts are designed to provide easy access and storage of endodontic files. Available in packs of 60, 120, and 480 pieces, our long-lasting inserts are essential for any endo file manager. Ensure optimal efficiency in your practice with our inserts.*

*Disclaimer: Endo File Insert Holder sold separately 

60 SKU: EFP-60

120 SKU: EFP-120

480 SKU: EFP-480

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Coatney
Great products!

James at Heyward is great!!! They consistently provide great products. Easily accessible on the phone or online!

Aric Petersen

Pink Endo File Inserts

Redlands Endodontics
Pink Endo FIle Inserts

These sponges are the same of density and quality as competitors that cost far more. I use these daily in my endo practice and love them.

Advanced Endodontics Team

Great quality product and exceptional service. Thank you Heyward Dental for your excellent customer service. :-)

Heyward Dental Products

"Great products for innovative offices"