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Endo Micro Aspirators with Bent Luer Tip

Endo Micro Aspirators with Bent Luer Tip

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Endo Micro Aspirators tipped with bent leur lock tips. Includes Luer HVE adapters that conform to all HVE suction valves. One end has a bent needle tip and the other has the HVE adapter that attaches to the HVE suction valve. Bent needle tips are available in 18, 20, and 25 gauge.

Quantity: Box of 25



Micro aspirators dry out root canals a post holes

Plug into the HVE vacuum port

Faster than using paper points

Transparent-lets you monitor fluids and is fully disposable



- 18 Gauge in Pink: MA-XX-P

- 20 Gauge in Yellow: MA-XX-Y

- 25 Gauge in Blue: MA-XX-B

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