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5 LED Light Teeth Whitening Kit

5 LED Light Teeth Whitening Kit

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New state-of-the-art 5 LED light and all the accessories needed for a wonderful teeth whitening experience. Only a few easy steps and items to help reduce sensitivity. This simple at-home product can be used at your convenience.

1 5 LED light with an attached mouth tray
1 10ml 36% CP syringe of Whitening gel
1 3ml syringe of Remineralization gel*
5 Oral Brush Up Deep cleaning wipes*
1 Brush applicator
1 Yellow syringe tip for Remineralization Gel
1 Clear syringe tip for Whitening Gel
5 Vitamin E Swabs*
1 Storage case
1 Tooth shade guide
1 Instruction guide

*Items designed to reduce sensitivity

Don't use if pregnant, or lactating.
Also don't use if you have loose fillings, unhealthy gums, or teeth.
Also if you have any white fillings, crowns, or veneers in the front the bleaching gel will not whiten these restorations and it is advised that this kit not be purchased.


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