Deep Cleaning Teeth Wipes
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Package of 10 wipes


Deep cleaning Teeth Wipes are designed to remove the film that builds up on tooth surfaces.
This film may inhibit enamel permeability.
Can be used to remove this film before starting teeth whitening and use another one to get fresh sweet-scented feeling after whitening.
1. Slip-on design fits most finger sizes
2. Textured cleaning surface to clean teeth
3. Material acts as moisture barrier between finger and mouth
4. Mint flavor to freshen mouth and breath
5. Compact size makes it easy to store on the go
6. Individually wrapped and packaged

Step 1: Open envelop and remove wipe.Extend index finger.
Step 2: Slip wipe on index finger with longer side toward palm,shorter surface covering nail.
Step 3: Lightly scrub tooth surfaces with longer side of wipe.
Step4: Remove wipe from finger and dispose of properly. 

Please Note: Not for use by children under 12 years of age, choking hazard for in-fants and small children.
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Deep Cleaning Teeth Wipes

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